Low-quality jewelry is easily spotted due to its lackluster appearance, dingy metals, and the unsightly residue it leaves behind on your skin. 

Here, you’ll only find materials of the highest grade. Every piece of JEWSEY jewelry is made of ethically sourced and safe-to-wear materials, including 18k gold/rose gold, sterling silver, titanium steel, lead-free zinc alloy or brass. 

All of our materials meet the EU Nickel Directive standard and are absolutely healthy to wear. Similarly, you’ll only find high-grade cubic zirconia, marble, and freshwater pearls within our jewelry’s delicate details. All of our products are meticulously crafted down to the last detail. 


 All of our pieces are made of hypoallergenic materials, meaning they are safe for even the most sensitive skin. Many are manufactured out of high-quality 18k gold / rose gold, sterling silver, or titanium steel, which will never cause an allergic reaction. For skin that is especially sensitive, we recommend these products. The rest of our items, however, are also manufactured from alloys that are 100% free of any potentially hazardous components.



They say fashion jewelry do not last. They are not us. We are very proud to offer lifetime warranty on all of our jewelry for free. Our advanced and highly specialized manufacturing techniques give us the confidence to serve all of our customers for a life time. 

Each piece of our jewelry is unconditionally guaranteed for life against any damage or wear. We have designed each piece to resist damage or wear but if a defect occurs, we'll send you a new one free or give you a free exchange of a same value item.

Simply send us a message through the online chat or email us at contact@saolla.com  with your order # and we will take care of it for you from there.